Find Your Inner Iggy

Why Would God Do That?

by Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ


Louie finished his 18-month training program with us at Homeboy Industries. A gang member and drug dealer, he was tattooed and had a long prison record.

“I was disguised as that guy,” he told me once.

He was now thriving in the new job we found him. He texted me one day: “My little fridge just died. Can you help me get a new one?” I text back: “Sears at 4:00.” He responds: “Got it. Beers at 4:00.”

When I arrive at the Sears Appliance section, Louie spots me, gallops over, and gives me a bear hug. “Have they called security on your ass yet?’ “Nope,” he says, “but it’s just a matter of time.” We buy a small refrigerator on lay-away, and I drive him to his small, humble apartment.

Before he gets out, he says, “Can I tell you something, G?” He pauses. “Lately… I’ve been havin’ a lot a’ one-on-ones … you know… with God. And … the Dude shows up.”

I chuckle a little, but he is quite serious. He turns to me, “Now why would he do that?” His tears make a get-away, and he can barely speak. “I mean … after all the shit I’ve done … why would He do that?”

Greg and Iggy and friend

Greg and Iggy and friend

Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ, is the founder of Homeboy Industries, a gang-intervention program located in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, the gang capital of the world.

3 thoughts on “Why Would God Do That?

  1. Sherry Rochford

    Isn’t it amazing? Once we choose to open our hearts and let go of the past, we realize “the Dude shows up.” Now the only thing we need to do is remember that he is always there. I think if we remembered God is with us always, our choices might be very different. #FindIggy

  2. Sharon

    I just want a bobble head Iggy!!!!! (No really, G, you have the knack for bringing a tear and a smile at the same time; awesome.)

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