Find Your Inner Iggy

What Would God make of You?

by Becky Eldredge

B-elderidge-quote-Main“There are very few people who realize what God would make of them if they abandoned themselves into his hands, and let themselves be formed by his grace.”

— St. Ignatius of Loyola

The prayer slipped out of my lips without much thought, “Re-build me to shelter your name.” The second I spoke these words seven years ago, I yearned to take them back. What in the world did I just ask for?  Transformation?  Rebuilding?  Change? What was I thinking?!

The desire for my interior, truest self to match my outward life was rooted deep within me, though. This desire led to a transformation from the inside out. The understanding of God’s love and grace developed inside of me, and it began to overflow to my outer life as I surrendered more to God’s love.

I began to understand the invitation of the Holy Spirit to bring God’s love outward, to radiate it to others. Through the gentle beckoning of God’s grace and my openness to receive God’s grace a transformation took place that re-built me.

I now know I shelter God’s love, and I now know I am charged to bring this love outward to others.

How are you open to God’s grace today?

How will you bring God’s love outward to others?


Oh someone needs a nap. Iggy, Becky and baby.

Oh someone needs a nap. Iggy, Becky and baby.

Becky Eldredge is a writer, speaker, and spiritual director who lives in Texas with her husband and three children. Becky has been active in ministry for more than 14 years, primarily in retreat work and adult faith formation. You can read more of her work on dotMagis.



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One thought on “What Would God make of You?

  1. Mark Baird

    Brothers & Sisters, let us reflect on the humility of living for God. Keep a focus on the interior life. Fr Jim Norris gave me this wonderful gift, his 8 little books of his reflections he did when he was at Holy Cross seminary in; Essedon, Victoria and it seemed best to make my copy as faithful and close a reproduction of the text as could be. To do so it was necessary at times to sacrifice the niceties of style, but it was thought that those who would use the book would easily forego the elegance of diction if they could feel sure they were reading the very words of Fr Jim. I wanted fidelity rather than style because the book is read not continuously for any length of time but piecemeal and meditatively. It is our very own grace; a gift so special to each of us, individual but united in Communion, this spiritual life.

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