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Three Jesuits, four opinions!

by James Martin, SJ


There’s an old Italian saying: “Three Jesuits, four opinions!”

In other words, Jesuits don’t always agree on everything. But if you asked three of us to summarize Ignatian spirituality, chances are we’d all say, “Finding God in all things.”

But what does that mean? Simply put: God is revealed to us every moment of the day. Not simply on Sundays during Mass. But in the morning, when your kids say “Thanks” after you’ve fixed their breakfast, and you find yourself grateful. At noon, when over lunch with a pal, you realize what an underappreciated blessing friendship is. In the afternoon, when you see the sun after a rainy day, and marvel at God’s creation. And in the evening, after a long day, when you realize how happy you are to have a place to rest.

All sorts of things come up during our “ordinary” times: unexpected gratitude, powerful emotions, surprising insights, consoling memories, and hard-to-express feelings. All these are ways that God can communicate with us. God wants to meet you in all people and experiences, or as those three Jesuits would say, in all things.

Iggy and his pal James Martin, SJ, on the set of The Cobert Report.

Iggy and his pal James Martin, SJ, on the set of The Cobert Report.

James Martin, SJ, is a Jesuit priest, editor at large at America magazine and author of My Life with the Saints.



10 thoughts on “Three Jesuits, four opinions!

  1. Mary Celeste Brown

    And the most difficult for me…finding God in the people who aren’t expressing gratitude, but their own frustration, in the day that makes me feel cold to the bone, or hot and underwater, in the truly stressful experience. Truly, I am selfish enough that I so often miss God in these experiences where God would be lifting me up. In other words precisely those times and places where I might learn more deeply to depend on God.

  2. Patricia Masi

    Dear Fr. James,
    This post, today, means more to me than you know. I often sing to myself “Ordinary holiness in the sacred day-to-day”. I get it. I really do. More importantly, I see God’s thumbprint daily, along with seeing His face through others, while feeling each of these moments in my heart. Thank you. for the beautiful reminder.

  3. Nicholas Cafarelli

    “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.” That phrase from Psalm 95, along with its melody from the modern hymn, started going through my head as I was reading this. We just have to keep our senses open to see, feel, hear, even smell and taste, God. (Now the Communion hymn “Taste and see” is going through my head.)

  4. narciso mesquita

    JESUIT this word should mean to be like JESUS or the one that imitates Jesus. But I humbly day say that I did not see in all members this JESUS humility and love among the Jesuit community , I lived as a boarder for seven long years during my schooling .Yes I saw them as good teachers and intelectuals but JESUS I saw in few that changed my life and I praise God for them . So let those few be called JESUITS.

  5. Linda

    20 years ago I worked in a job that did not “fit” me and caused lots unhappiness. But every day as I signed into the building and felt a weight of depression, I reminded myself it could be a “school of holiness” if I kept my coworkers in prayer and positive interaction. I had a very dear friend there and I lost contact when I finally moved on to a happier job. Recently I went to a funeral of one of our coworkers and heard someone calling my name as we went into the reception after the service. When she finally helped me understand who she was, I felt such joy when I recognized Laura and how happy she was to see me. Suddenly I understood the appearances at the resurrection tomb–not recognizing Jesus “out of context” but then the joy of recognition! I truly felt a gift for trying “to find God in all things.”

  6. Thelma V. Antonio, OCDS

    Indeed! The Kingdom of God is at hand for where LOVE is there is God! We maybe perceived as intellectualizing or even spiritualizing when we express our God connection most especially in difficult moments and situations! But the awakening of our spiritual senses is truly a grace authenticated by prayer life in the spiritual journey where God’s Presence in His Word and His people is real!

    Thank you for sharing this post which is a good reminder and wake up call to us all! indeed, “ONLY GOD SUFFICES!” May we continue to be rooted in Him who loves us unconditionally! God bless!

    Thelma V., Antonio, OCDS

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