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Question 4: When have you found God in all things?


SunMy Aha Moment—25 Years Later

by Tim Muldoon

In his magnificent book The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoevsky introduces us to a lady of little faith, Madame Hohlakov, a wealthy woman who confesses to fearing what happens after death. The wise elder, Father Zosima, speaks to her of the need to press on in love, laboring with courage even in the face of despair.

Upon reading the novel as a sophomore in college, I was struck at the power of his words. Now, some twenty-five years later, I am no less struck. In essence, he says to Madame Hohlakov, “Don’t seek God out there in abstractions. Seek Him in the hard work of loving those immediately around you.”

The most lasting fruit of my experience of the Spiritual Exercises is the practice of seeking God all around me, especially in my family life. Through my family, I see God laboring in the world in love, and I am inspired to labor with Him. I don’t always succeed, but thankfully the people I love show me new things and help me remember. To find God in all things is to recall that all things give me an opportunity to love, and to discover that God is there laboring with me.

Sometimes I too am a person of little faith, at least in my actions. But my wise elder, Ignatius, reminds me that “love is shown more in deeds than in words.”

TIm Muldoon and Iggy in Boston.

TIm Muldoon and Iggy in Boston.


Tim Muldoon is the author of Longing to Love and The Ignatian Workout, as well as many essays. He was the inaugural director of the Church in the 21st Century Center at Boston College, where he now serves in the Office of University Mission and Ministry and teaches in the Honors Program. He, his wife, and their children live west of Boston.

8 thoughts on “Iggy’s Aha Moment

  1. Pat Woolley

    When what I see or hear or feel or read inspires me to create a water color or pen and ink drawing to “Illuminate” the Awesomeness of its Be-ing so….

  2. Antonio Morales

    As a respiratory therapist for 15 years I worked in a very busy hospital where every day I was exposed to death and the carnage that men can bring on to their fellow man. I often questioned God, how could you allow this? One day I was at family picnic where I met another group having a picnic , they were mentally challenged , I befriended them started a softball game and just felt like I new them all my life. Well, shortly after the manager spoke to me and offered me a job working with them, it is now 27 years later and love every minute of it. They are my family and I hang out with GOD every time I’m at work because he made all this possible ! Just imagine having a job that you look forward going to even on your days off, that is Papa DIOS!!!!!!!!

  3. Amy McKenna

    When I would encounter “challenging” people in the past, I would often becoming defensive and dismiss them from my thoughts. Since my my life-changing experience of the Spiritual Exercises, I am reminded each day that God is present and loving each one of us. We all have a story that involves joys, pain and the tough path life can throw at us. Now I try to see that story and Gods love in each person’s eyes. Some days this is easier than others , but I know that God is with me as I try. God’s grace at work in our lives! AMDG! #FindIggy

  4. Eibhlin

    The Examen has definitely been an eye-opener for me. My prayer has become so real and in the present rather than looking at my life in an abstract way. Yes, I am on my way to seeing God in all things!

  5. June Gustafson

    A few hours after I posted this to my FB timeline and thought of finding God in the nature here on the Cape, I actually have to change it to finding god in my Jesuit educated friends who helped me reach out to help a former student in a time of crisis. AMDG

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