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How a Hairdresser Sets the World on Fire


“I’ve actually had six customers die since Thanksgiving, would you believe that? Five of them had heart attacks, so I find that really weird. When you’re a small business, and we’ve been here for more than 20 years, I guess that’s going to start happening.

Some of them are older, some of them aren’t, so [I’m] just helping their family. There’s many times I don’t charge, or if they’re housebound I go there. I think if you mentally feel better about yourself, you feel better in general. Do I leave their house in a better mood when I do a house call? For sure, and that’s the great thing about being a hairdresser, you have instant gratification. People leave feeling better and happier. I know that’s what I love about it.”

You may have heard Iggy’s quote, “Go, set the world on fire.” It seems like a tall order. But in her own small way, this hairdresser is setting the world on fire, one snip at a time. And just like her, we can do the same, using our gifts and talents to light a spark.
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One thought on “How a Hairdresser Sets the World on Fire

  1. Fr. Gill

    You brought back many memories. I am a Catholic Priest for many years now retired. Prior to entering the Seminary, I was in the. Beauty business. I worked at if for 28 years and opened seven shops. Made lots of money but it was all for me . Yes I taught about God went to church regularly but something was missing. I was being called Zoe I responded and would do it over and over again. At staff meetings I always told my hairdressers how lucky they were able,to,touch someone. Not many can do that. Where ever you work you don’t touch anyone exp, grocery store etc. I often did not charge for my services. In face if someone died I. Your family imdidmthe entire family for free sometimes even on New Year’s Eve or a Sunday after noon if they had tomgomtomthe funeral home. You will be Blessed in so many way there is a Beautiful place for,you in Heaven. Now I am able to touch souls that is frightening. You can’t imagin me with all my sins able in His name to forgive others. Always leave your patron with have a nice day God Bless. Maybe your not having the best day but think before going to bed all the GOOD you did. Whist I had k ow you Fr. Gill

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