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Fire is Kindled by Striking One Small Match

by Margaret Silf

M-Silf-quote-700“Go forth and set the world on fire.”
— St. Ignatius of Loyola

These might not be the first words that would come to mind if you were bidding farewell to a dear friend, with little hope of ever seeing him again. But these were Inigo’s parting words to his friend Francis Xavier as he sent him on mission to the Far East.

Just eight little words, but they speak volumes – about the inner freedom that allows us to let others live out their dreams, however hard it may be for us to let them go – and about the vision that fired Inigo and his friends through and through … the dream of setting the world on fire with a vision of what could be, if we really were to follow in the steps of Jesus of Nazareth.

I always smile when my computer spellchecker offers its alternative suggestion, ‘ignition’ in response to my attempt to type ‘Ignatian’.

To live the Gospel spirit that underpins the Exercises would indeed be explosive. It would have the transformative power of Pentecostal fire. Inigo knew that. He lived it.

And today, 500 years after he sent Francis Xavier forth, his challenge to us to set our own world on fire is no less compelling.

Fire is kindled by striking one small match. Is there any small first step you might take yourself, to kindle Gospel light in your own personal world?

Nelson Mandela declared that the freedom of the South African people was a dream he was determined to live for and, if necessary, willing to die for.

Is there any ideal or dream that fires your passion?

What steps are you willing to take toward kindling this ideal or dream?

Iggy’s good friend Margaret Silf

Iggy’s good friend Margaret Silf

Margaret Silf travels widely in her work as a retreat director and speaker on Ignatian spirituality. She is the author of many books, including Just Call Me López, and The Other Side of Chaos.

4 thoughts on “Fire is Kindled by Striking One Small Match

  1. Becky Clements

    I’m currently working on a high school lesson that teaches about Holy Week and I’m using photos from parishes all over the Diocese of Lake Charles. My fire has been lit by seeing the many variations of ways that the faithful in SW Louisiana celebrate the same rituals…commemorate these highest of holy days. Our God is creative and so are His people. My dream is that the lesson will spark the flames in the spirits of our young people of the diocese and will bring them a step closer to understanding the great gift of our Lord’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

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