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Finding God in Moments of Relaxation

by José Martinez

busted-halo-quote-Main“To do many things and to mix with many people, yet not to turn aside from either God or oneself, is a great and rare art.”
— St. Ignatius of Loyola

Me and summer vacation had a good run. I never had the adventure-filled, picturesque summer breaks that Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn had; but it was always a time of respite, where I could enjoy a responsibility-less state.

Now here I am, writing about “mourning summer vacation.” The weather’s prettier, graduation season’s ending, my beach body has been ready for months…but I’m still expected to go to work. Still, the rent must be paid.

Because questions would be asked and paychecks cut off if I decided to celebrate summer vacation every day, I’ve got to create my own. So not only do weekends become sacred, but so do evenings and mornings and any time I’m not at work.

It’s not that I don’t like work; I do. It’s just that there’s a sacredness to respite just like there’s a sacredness to work, and I don’t want to lose either.

Honoring one is what allows me to fully appreciate the other.

How do you cherish your free time?

Where do you find God in moments of relaxation?

An excerpt from “In Memoriam: Summer Vacation” by José Martinez,

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2 thoughts on “Finding God in Moments of Relaxation

  1. Loretta Majoy

    My best moments with God are when I AM relaxing…for instance, when I am walking the remote corner of the beach where I live and experience the waterfowl at the lake or the beauty of a shell lying in the sand, or the intense quietness of my soul there. God sees me and comes to me in shapes of nature. Another place close by is an estuary where, again, I can be alone with nature–the lotus in bloom or the great blue heron; even a snake sunning himself on a rock. There is a small deck overlooking the estuary. I often sit on the bench and use my voice to say “GOD” out loud and listen to myself, noticing how it sounds to make the connection. I seek out these moments of aloneness with God.

  2. Eibhlin

    I love to find God in the sheer sound of silence. I live in a city and really relish my time spent on a little island off the west coast of Ireland. I cherish this time as I pray in nature and breathe in His love.

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