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A Nun’s Hunger for God


“I’ve been feeling God pushing me, prompting me in a beautiful way, to let him take over more space in my life, and I want that very much. For me, there is a hunger and a yearning for God to be a permanent resident inside of me. I have a hopeful sense that God is going to honor that desire. He’s gonna surprise me.”

What a wonderful example this nun gives us of living a life of “magis,” or “more.” Iggy was big on magis, inviting us to do more to serve God, to live a fuller life with service and generosity, to honor our desire to grow closer to God like this nun. How will you respond to your own desires for “magis”?

Learn more about what magis means with this video and this one, or with these articles about how magis is the foundation of heroism and how one woman found the magis in Paris.

One thought on “A Nun’s Hunger for God

  1. Fr. Gill

    Sisters run in my family, I had seven aunts that were NUNS (That was enough to frighten me as a kid) just kidding.. As I grew older I saw the holiness in them.mhowmtheynwere touching people with their lives. And not over prayerful,but down to earth. God is with everybody, żbut you had the foresight to see Him more clearly. How great is that? I have allowed the Lord to guide me to whoever and what ever e wanted me to do. It was not always my choice but the reality in the end HE was right. Now I am retired. Still he gives me no rest I help at two Churches with Sunday Masses, funerals, sometimes daily mass. I see clearly the young pastor could get someone else but for what ever reason I developed a following. Yea they want the ” old priest” they call THR rectory on regular basis.mWell Sister it’s. NOT ME it is Jesus working in me as He is working in you. Suggestion: tell Him each morning if it is His will to send you someone today that you may touch their life. You will be in my prayers. Be well you look like one of my aunts my favorite one. Ha ha ha my Fr. Gill

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