Find Your Inner Iggy

A Construction Worker’s Big Decision


“I may be going to Canada. I’m a union carpenter and union plow driver, and I haven’t decided yet. It’s better money there. There’s no work for me down in Georgia. I have a relationship down in Georgia that I don’t want to lose, and that may push her over the edge. I gotta iron out the details and see how it plays out.”

“Are you praying about it?”

“Living down in Georgia, I became a Christian. I’m not a very spiritual man so to speak because I have not read a lot, but from what I gather you have to give up everything to Jesus Christ and let him make the decision and help you on that path, whichever path that might be. So I’m following that path right now, which brings me up here and all that craziness. It’s hard to do when you think you’re in control of your life and basically you’re not, you’re following that path that’s laid out.”

“What’s it like for a hands-on guy like you to take your hands off your own life?”

“Hard. I’ve been fighting with this all my life.”

“Best of luck with your decision!”

“Well it’s not my decision to make!”

We all have tough decisions to make. Luckily, Iggy left us with a treasure trove of tools to help us make them. Five-hundred years later, these tools are still trusty and well-oiled.

Dive into decision-making with these tips on how to know if a choice is right, how Ignatian spirituality helps us make decisions, 11 steps for making a decision, and how Matt Malone, SJ, editor-in-chief of America magazine, makes decisions.

If you want something a little meatier, check out the books, What’s Your Decision? and Discovering Your Dream.

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