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85-year-old’s ‘God drop’ of mercy


“Some years ago, our 36-year-old daughter was in Ireland and suffered from a brain aneurysm and died. And we went over and she was at St. James Hospital. There was a Carmelite priest and nun there, and the people she was visiting were down from Belfast, and everyone—if it hadn’t been for them, if it wasn’t for their compassion and their mercy—the mercy I experienced there and their love and their compassion is something I’ll carry around all my life.

And because of that, now I’m a Stephen Minister. And just the ability to learn—because I’m kind of a talker—how to listen to people and show mercy by your body language, your eye contact, just being there, those are my two major God drops of mercy.”

–Marian, 85

In his Spiritual Exercises, Iggy invites us to answer three questions: What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? What ought I to do for Christ? To live a life of mercy, Iggy calls us to action, just as Marian experienced and continues to live out.
Learn more about what mercy means, what everyday mercy looks like, and Pope Francis’s notion of mercy-ing. You can also read more about the Pope’s joyful message of mercy in his book, The Church of Mercy, or find out how a thirty-something Catholic lives a life of mercy in New York City with the book, Mercy in the City.
PS. Can we coin Marian’s phrase, “God drops of mercy”? We’re sure Iggy would heartily approve.

One thought on “85-year-old’s ‘God drop’ of mercy

  1. Kathy M

    I am a 63 year old, still practicing Nurse Practitioner who is called to care for the poor in a very rural medical practice. But, my work requires %100 of all my hours if I am to complete paperwork and stay on top of all my responsibilities. I am unable to do that, though I get “excellent” reviews for my work. I feel there are not enough hours in the day. I am distressed my the overwhelming responsibilities, that leave little or no time for anything else, and yes , I have family, sons, and a home and pet. I often feel, what am I to do? I have asked God to help me here. He has blessed me with good health but fatigue. A family friend is a 90 year old sister of mercy I visit, my former elementary school principle, who worked into her 70’s as a principle. I take her example, bit still wonder if I can ever have some freedom to rest everyday in retire,net. I believe from the above story God is showing me that I am blessed with my own good health and also that I have 3 sons who are also blessed with good health and I should feel that this is God’ s gift to me that should be a cause for my joy! Thank you for your inspirational story. Blessings, Kathy

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